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Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is performed following freezing and thawing of excess embryos from an IVF cycle.

Patients undergo monitoring either in a natural cycle (without stimulation), a low dose FSH stimulation cycle or a cycle of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) cycle.

Most FET cycles are performed using HRT rather than Low Dose Stimulation to avoid the risks of multiple pregnancy. This decision on which form of stimulation to use will be made in consultation with your Doctor.

The transfer is timed so that embryo replacement fits in with the age of the embryo.

As most embryos frozen at PIVET are blastocysts, and are carefully selected prior to freezing, the thawing process is usually successful, with greater than 95% survival of embryos.  In some cases, the embryo may not survive the thawing process and the patient will be informed.

At PIVET, the results from FET are as good as a fresh transfer in IVF.

Recent studies have also shown that within the FET program, top quality frozen embryos show improved developmental potential with a lower risk of obstetric complications.

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