Surgical Sperm Retrieval and Freezing (MESA / TESA)

Fertility Treatment / Fertility Treatment / Surgical Sperm Retrieval and Freezing (MESA / TESA)

The surgical procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic to obtain sperm from a man who has previously had vasectomy, or to further investigate and retrieve sperm from men who have extremely low numbers of sperm or azoospermia (no sperm in the semen).

During the first consultation at PIVET, various laboratory and clinical tests are recommended for both partners in order to find out the possible causes of infertility.

Semen analysis is one of the laboratory tests carried out to assess the male partner.

This test will estimate whether sperm cells are present or not in the ejaculate. If there are no sperm cells present, a repeat test may be organised to confirm the findings.  Your Doctor will review the findings and arrange medical treatment accordingly.  The condition described above where no sperm cells are found in the ejaculate is called azoospermia.

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