PIVET Medical Centre and Perth Day Surgery Centre’s nurses are trained in assisted reproductive technologies and understand the special needs of patients undergoing infertility treatment.  Our nurses act as your primary contact at the clinic liaising with other members of the treatment team on your behalf.

Throughout your time with PIVET our nurses will help you to understand the treatment regimens by providing you with written information that may be read and thought about at home, and maintaining contact with you to discuss your results.

Our nurses also provide theatre services including assisting medical staff with egg collections and embryo transfers.  Infertility can be emotionally, financially and physically stressful.  Our nurses understand this and will support you throughout the process sharing in your joy and empathising with any disappointments.

Remember the nurses are always available to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding infertility or your treatment and that the nursing department also includes nurses with midwifery training who can assist with pregnancy monitoring and planning your delivery.

Nurse Manager

Sara Mayes & Leigh Keane

Perth Day Surgery Centre Coordinator

Jean Anderton

Donor & Surrogacy Coordinator

Anne Wigham