Assessment Cycle

Clinicians generally recommend a complete hormone tracking and assessment cycle on the female partner. This gives essential information on the hormone profile during a cycle. Within this cycle, ultrasounds monitor follicle development and a HyCoSy (Hystero Contrast Sonography) procedure is undertaken.

The HyCoSy is an ultrasound guided investigation of the patency of the fallopian tubes and the shape of the uterus.

This procedure requires Intravenous (IV) sedation or minor sedation only and is carried out in the Perth Day Surgery Centre co-located at PIVET Medical Centre between day 5 to 12 of your cycle.

During this cycle the nurses will advise you when intercourse is indicated in relation to ovulation. On the day following intercourse a sample is taken of the femaleʼs cervical mucus.

This test is called a post coital test (PCT) and is performed about 8 to 12 hours following timed intercourse and is an examination of the sperm/mucus interaction to help us determine the capacity of the sperm to fertilise. Generally a PCT is advised only where no male factor problems have previously been diagnosed.

Once all results are obtained, a clinical review appointment is booked, usually on Day 21 of your cycle.

This will allow a treatment cycle to be set up with the commencement of your next period if appropriate. Once commenced you will be guided through your treatment cycle by nursing staff who will contact you with instructions of how to proceed.

Download our treatment cycle handbook