Embryo Glue / Vitrolife Medium

All embryos must be grown in culture medium. Vitrolife medium differs from our standard culture media in that it contains a compound called Hyaluronan, a complex macromolecule found in the tubal and uterine fluid of many species. Data suggests that it is involved in fertilisation, embryo development and implantation and that its activity peaks around embryo implantation on Day 5.

Eggs are placed into Vitrolife medium with Hyaluronan immediately after the egg collection and resultant embryos are cultured in this media until your embryo transfer. Embryo Glue is the final stage of the Vitrolife media range, into which your embryos are placed before transfer. Some Embryo Glue is transferred with the embryo(s) back into your uterus. Embryo Glue can be used in the transfer of embryos at any developmental stage.

Embryo Glue is an extension of the Vitrolife culture media but with increased amount of Hyaluronan. It has been proposed that Embryo Glue may be beneficial at transfer by allowing improved mixing of the embryo with uterine secretions and that is could act as a binding agent between uterine lining and the embryo. There are some reports of higher pregnancy rates especially after the transfer of frozen embryos however, other unpublished presentations have not supported these observations. There is no data to suggest that using Embryo Glue is detrimental to embryos.

Vitrolife Media and Embryo Glue are available to PIVET patients. This will significantly increase the cost of the treatment cycle and due to this cost, if your cycle is cancelled and you are using Embryo Glue / Vitrolife media, there is a fee that needs to be paid as your dishes are set up in the media the day before your egg collection. If you are interested, please speak to your Clinician.

Embryo Glue is an implantation promoting transfer medium which contains a substance known as hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found in the human uterus, and by adding it to the culture media it more closely mimics the natural environment. A high concentration of hyaluronic acid is transferred with the embryo back into the uterus on the day of transfer. It can be used in the transfer of an embryo at any stage.

If you would like more information please visit Vitrolife.

Who would benefit from Embryo Glue?

Embryo Glue may benefit couples who have had multiple cycles without implantation although it is available to any patient.

What is the cost of Embryo Glue?

Embryo Glue is a more expensive medium than our standard medium therefore it will cost you more to use. The cost for a fresh IVF cycle is $500 and for a FET cycle $350.

Are there any risks to using Embryo Glue?

There appears to be no risks to using Embryo Glue to yourself or resultant babies. Data analysis at PIVET show’s that is does no damage to your embryos, and will give you the same chance of pregnancy as our standard medium however it may have an added benefit for patients with implantation failure.

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