The HaloSperm test is performed during your semen analysis and provides information about the integrity of the DNA inside the sperm head.

Smoking, exposure to chemicals and high temperatures, free radicals from normal metabolism, increased male BMI and advanced age can cause damage to the DNA inside sperm. If there is increased levels of DNA damage, it can lead to a reduction in fertilsation rates, poor embryo development, reduced implantation and increased miscarriage rates.

The test works on the premise that sperm with intact DNA produce a halo as a result of the chromatin released from proteins in the DNA after acid denaturation.

In contrast, sperm with fragmented DNA will not produce this halo. % SDF (Sperm DNA Fragmentation) is calculated as the proportion of sperm with a limited or no ‘halo’ compared to all sperm counted. A level of ≥30% SDF is very likely to have an impact on fertility.

Some ways to reduce the level of DNA fragmentation in sperm include frequent ejaculation, antioxidant supplementation and in very extreme cases a surgical sperm collection.

Who would benefit from the HaloSperm test?

All men who are attending the clinic for infertility treatment would benefit from a HaloSperm test. A semen analysis will give you information about sperm count, motility and morphology (shape of the sperm) however no information about the DNA inside the sperm head.

What is the cost of the HaloSperm test?

The test will cost $150 which is not claimable from Medicare or health funds.

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